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  • Don’t try to create a perfect product right way. Just get started and get sales

Money follows momentum, not perfection. That means that you don’t really need your website perfect and that your course also doesn’t need to be perfect. Just get started and get sales, that’s the most important part at the beginning

  • Look for ways to better serve your existing audience and customers.

Look at the audience you’ve attracted. Even better, look closely at those who have already purchased from you. If you already have a list of 5,000 or more, instead of focusing on adding to your email list or growing your social media audience, focus on creating new content for the people you’ve already attracted. What new product or program do they need next? Create for them and you will be building a product suite. 

  • Find out what your market wants and build it for them.

I do not subscribe to the theory of build it and they will come. I want to know what they want, and that’s what I’m going to build.

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