Is one of the 3 reasons, and maybe the most important one, that everybody considers us as specialists.
We invested many years in this field so that we can claim that we are the most specialized company in sales in Europe and one of the biggest in global market.
Since 1961,

• Hundreds of projects,
• Thousands recommendations
• In more than 100 Countries
• In more than 223 industries
• Since 1998 results only – zero (0) mistakes
• In B2B (business to business)
• Retail
• B2C (business to consumer)
• B2D (business to distributor)
• Wholesales
• Exports

We are proud that we managed to be the best in one of the most difficult department: Sales.
Evaluate present time, developments and search the possibilities that Sales services provide to you.
Every co-operation with Manager’s Office, regarding sales falls strictly into a win-win situation, because we truly care about your development.

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