Club MO

Since its establishment, Manager’s Office has as principal the quality in human resources services, by promoting competitive and capable executives in market.

Our philosophy is to create a trustworthy and genuine relationship with the partners-executives who come to us.
By providing quality services to the executives that trust Manager’s Office we target to improve their competitiveness in market.

We created CLUB M.O having as sole purpose the personal growth and development of each executive-partner.

What is CLUB M.O? 

CLUB M.O has a non-profit character and its purpose is to register market’s developments and to give to each one of you the necessary tools.

Benefits of CLUB M.O:

  • Legal and ethical protection of the executives-members.
  • Providing consulting services regarding job matters.
  • Comply with the provisions of the labour law.
  • Development of staff with continuous training.
  • Detailed information in relation to job market.

For further information please contact us.

When you are developed, we are developed.

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