CRS – The new CRM generation

Manager’s Office, as leader in sales and marketing organization globally, introduces to you a sales & marketing “tool”, CRMCRS.

The CRM – CRS is CRM’s (Customer Relationship Strategy) next generation and is the most up-to-date CRM available in global market.

It is more than a simple software package as it contains the Know-How for your business development and is adapted exclusively for the needs of each company/client.

The main differentiation of the CRM – CRS is the application of the latest marketing and sales techniques used in global market in the fields of wholesale, retail, exports, call centers, customer care, after sales, after sales service, ordering etc.

All Marketing and Sales techniques, as they presented through ISO procedure, reinforce development of a customer centred philosophy that always promote a company while at the same time push it in an aggressive policy.

Every modern company, that wants development, has adopted CRM – CRS, which decentralizes procedures, support executives and Increases Company’s profit.

Through these criteria and the principle of a customer centered policy, we propose the use of CRS with which you can watch a customer and develop him with procedures and techniques.

  • Analytic reports  to administration for better procedure control,
  • Discrete roles for each position,
  • Training for each position and department,

Sales & Marketing techniques implementation, such as:

  1. Target marketing,
  2. A,B,C Analysis,
  3. Segmentation in two levels,
  4. Direct Mail,
  5. Email Marketing,
  6. New market penetration,
  7. Reporting system,
  8. Phone –Sale-Follow Up(fu),
  9. Public Relations,
  10. Store Manager, the latest technique in retail,
  1. Collection of payment,
  2. Export,
  3. Collections,
  4. Campaign of special offers, with standards and  scenarios according to each company’s profile,
  5. the HUNTING technique,
  6. Call Center,
  7. Prior exhibition,
  8. During exhibition,
  9. After exhibition,
  10. Ordering,
  11. Sales consultant,
  12. Routing of sales network,
  13. Enlargement of clientele in two steps: a) sales network, b) Back office,
  14. Promotion of stock products,
  15. After sales,
  16. Service,
  17. New product research,
  18. Cross selling,
  19. Organization of Back, which is the “tool” of sales direction to watch the sales network,
  20. Problems solving


The only tool for Optimum Growth

Each co-operation with Manager’s Office is based on a win-win situation, as we are interested for your development.

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