Reengineering Procedures Model PSS-M

The construction and reconstruction of procedures is the real base of development for a company.

The reconstruction and implementation of procedures contains changes in structure and professional environment so they can be more effective and the executives to be able to simplify their work.

In the centre is always the customer having as goal the:

  • “Speed” of customers’  satisfaction,
  • Reduction of customer care operational cost,
  • Services quality,
  • Employees’ immediate adaptation to find solutions  in order to keep providing customers with services of the quality.

Manager’s Office with the use of  PSS-M module implement procedures which have simplify  life and we evaluate through them.

  • Procedures (procedures structure)
  • Software (IT services which help to keep procedures)
  • Staff (evaluated staff,  who wants to have extra value and implement procedures)


  • Management (right management, which aims to procedures implementation [P] adjusted to the executive’s personality [S] with strong management and acceptance of instructions [S] for their evaluation.

Choose procedures construction for departments and working positions, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Financial Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • After Sales
  • Ordering
  • Sales (B2B)
  • Retail
  • Exports
  • Reporting System
  • Customer Care
  • Control Procedures
  • Operation Manual System
  • Service
  • Customer Care
  • Reception

Manager’s Office is an applied Marketing & Management company and offers services in this field to each company since 1961 (commercial, production, export, services company).

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