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  • Network.

There are several reasons you must network if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. One of the reasons is support.

As you reach out to people, think of ways to be helpful. Offer to help before you ask for help.

Keep your network professional. You might develop friendships down the road, but that’s not the goal. You are not looking for buddies to hang with. Keep it professional.

  • Find a mentor.

Many famous entrepreneurs you know of had mentors. If you want to succeed as a business owner reach out to one that has made it a success.

Expect to be turned down. People are busy. If a potential mentor turns you down, keep searching.

When you reach out, don’t ask the person to become your mentor. It will most likely end in a “No.” Instead, ask a question. Make it short and to the point. If you get an answer to your question, be happy.

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