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Social Media


It’s the cornerstone of an online marketing presence. Practically the entire world is on

Facebook, so it’s the best way reach the most people.


Arguably the next-most-popular social media platform, Twitter gives your customers instant access to you, and vice versa. It also helps you to join and even influence the online discussion.


Everybody loves video, and if your company isn’t leveraging the incredible affordability of producing and uploading a clever video, then you might want to think about it.


Offer insight and ideas that pertain not only to your products, but to your niche in general. This builds brand equity and authority like nobody’s business. It’s also great for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, as it’s often called, is the practice of driving traffic to your website by augmenting the factors that will lead to a higher search result when the desired keywords are typed in.


Photo sharing is taking the Internet by storm in a huge way right now. Instagram lets users upload, filter, and share photos that can then be liked and commented upon.

Be Comprehensive

Your online marketing campaign should be branded, focused, and recognizable above all else. Make sure your content is consistent (but never the same) across all channels, and maintain a voice or tone that’s uniquely yours.

Be Responsive and Helpful

If someone reaches out to you via social media, you’ve got to get back to them. Right away. It’s an invitation to market to a customer; don’t ever pass it up.

Be Transparent and Straightforward

Things go wrong all the time. Be honest and forthcoming with your social media, because it goes a long way towards creating a bond of trust between you and your clientele.

Keep Your Channels Unique

Don’t just publish the same content across each channel. Tailor your efforts based on the channel’s strengths.

Editorialize with Intent

Especially when it comes to your blog, you want to be putting thought into the content you create and/or curate. Develop and maintain an editorial voice.


If your content isn’t entertaining, nobody’s going to bother with it. Fun stuff gets shared the most, especially when it comes to videos and images.

Tailor to Trends

Keep your eye on the larger social discussion, and make sure you’re engaging the most popular subjects of the moment. There are many tools online that can help you out with this.

Keep Your Research Up-to-Date

You’ll get the most out of your SEO campaign if you do your keyword research a few times a year to make sure you’re getting the most traffic possible.

Go Mobile

Give your website a great-looking mobile version so people can keep up with your news and ideas while they ride the train to work.

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