How to find good staff
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How to find good staff

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Consider hiring internally.

Instead of bringing someone in from outside the company, you may have the ideal candidate already in your employ. This method has both its advantages and disadvantage.

• The advantage of recruiting in-house is that the employees are already familiar with the corporate culture of your business. Corporate culture “describes and governs the ways a company’s owners and employees think, feel and act.” This kind of employee will have a valuable knowledge of the company and you will have the resources of their past work achievements to help you determine if they’re right for the job.

• Being very clear about the requirements of the job as well as the hiring process can alleviate any disadvantages and ensure a quality applicant

Establish an intern program.

Work with local colleges or schools to employ interns or students seeking work-study credits and experience. Working with interns will give you the inside edge to recruit the best and brightest as soon as they graduate. Network with local colleges and job placement centers to increase the presence of your business. Student advisers will be more likely to send recruits your way.

Write a Job Description.

Before you write a job description, look at your company’s current needs for employment. Decide what features you believe are most important to the job and the criteria that an applicant should meet.

• You should include position titles, salary, time requirements, job duties, required education or credentials, and any other requirements or requests that an ideal candidate should have. This will help you present a clear vision to potential candidates.

• You can also list criteria that would be a plus but that is not required. This will help outline your dream candidate but will not limit the applicant pool too much.

• Make sure to talk to those that will be working with the new recruit and ask them what they require. This will ensure a better placement for the new staff and keep your current staff happier.

You can call  Manager’s Office

Recruitment is a very essential procedure and needs to respect all features and standards of each company-client.

Having as target strong professional values and high sense of responsibility, we carefully plan our steps, focused on keeping quality in our services.

In Manager’s Office we aims in results and we focus on our co-operatives as strategic consultants in HR Department, having as target a long term co-operation.

Each procedure of approaching, takes place individually, and is fully in accordance to the needs and demands of each client.

Procedure is fully detailed:

• We act in a direct and efficient way

• We remain alerted

• We are actively present throughout all procedures of recruitment so as to guarantee employer’s and employee’s satisfaction.

Manager’s Office co-operates closely with each client in order to create the executive’s profile that they need. That’s why we take into consideration each company’s culture and their principles in order to find the adequate executive.

Quality of services

Taking for granted the 100% professional identity that we have developed all these years, we deal every recruitment procedure with respect, both to our clients and to candidates.

Manager’s Office

HR Dept

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