Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team
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Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

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• Schedule meetings with your sales staff regularly

Instead of focusing on what they are doing wrong, make sure that some 1-on-1 meetings address their worries, pain points and work environment issues. You are likely to catch motivation problems before they affect their season and quota, if you try to fix negative work pressures.

Ask your sales staff what motivates them during these meetings. You may find some salespeople respond to monetary rewards, while others respond to promotions or a supportive team environment. Take notes on what motivates each person.

• Train your salespeople

There are several ways to plan trainings to increase motivation.

Appoint salespeople to train their peers. This is an excellent way to recognize special skills in your salespeople and encourage interaction. Ask the salesperson to take a few hours from selling and plan a 1-hour training session about a topic they excel in.

Take a field trip. Use your contacts to find a manager who would be willing to have you watch their successful sales team. Consider making the place a sales floor for a different product or industry. For example, if your sales team needs to be more aggressive, take them to a conference where they can witness someone selling a product with a 30-second elevator speech. Return and ask them to write a new introduction speech.

Choose an outside consultant to train your salespeople. Pick your person very carefully. Make sure they are an expert, they have excellent time management skills and they are able to inject some humor into the training. Keep training sessions short and include a practice period with the guest speaker.

Appoint a mentor to train younger sales associates. This may help the younger staff work through the growing pains of a new job. Give the mentors incentives if the younger associates meet their sales goals. This is a great option for a workplace that requires team building.

• Invest in new sales tools

Make sure your CRM is enhancing the sales environment, rather than detracting from it. A good reporting, mass email or mobile app tool can increase a salesperson’s efficiency, helping their sales goals and their motivation.

Most new websites and CRM require a training period. They can be easier for some salespeople to learn than others. Time the adoption of the tool to a low-stress point in the season.

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