The Future Of Business
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AI and machine learning are happening. The sales world is already shifting. From chat-bots (that didn’t work so well) to impersonal messages on LinkedIn to the need for an online presence it’s clear the business world is changing. Automation is being used by more and more of our competitors (often in a bad way) and it’s causing our market to shift.

And we can expect a new round of technology in our future. Some technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are being tested and deployed in more and more situations. Sales organizations are already starting to think about how to use the new technologies.

New Skills

As we continue into the future new and different skill sets will be needed. The World Economic Forum has stated that creativity will be one of the most in-demand skills from a worker in 2024. As more and more industries are radically transformed by technology new skills will be needed and required from our workers.

What skills will be needed next will be determined by a dance of technology and society. Regardless of how that dance is played out one thing is for certain: new and different skills will be required over time.

And more and more workers will be responsible for delivering these skills when the employers are ready for them on an on-demand basis.

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