Investment Opportunities in Ukraine
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ukraine A wide range of investment
opportunities across
industries and throughout


A wide range of investment opportunities across industries and throughout Ukraine with full due diligence support by financial and legal professionals can be obtained per your request.

At a glance, investment opportunities and current business projects include but not limited to:


Investment opportunities in Ukrainian agricultural production and agricultural infrastructure

Ukraine boasts over 30% of the World’s reserves of most fertile black soils. The post-Soviet economic decline has affected agricultural production. Arable lands are still not traded but it should not stop any agricultural venture from entering the market with the biggest potential of its kind in the World. Ukraine is the most suitable location in the World today for organic agriculture and sustainable biodynamic farming which can provide 25-35% savings on operational costs and irrigation needs and over 20% higher yields compared to conventional.

Agricultural infrastructure such as field granaries and port grain elevators are becoming increasingly demanded by the fast developing farming sector and growing international demand for food.

Agricultural modern technologies such as parallel driving and fuel control systems are becoming more popular among Ukrainian farmers who continue to realize the power of efficiency and extra earning against the capital investments in technology.

Our farming experts posses strong practical international experience, global industry recognition and Ukrainian governmental awards particularly in the field of sustainable agriculture, storage efficiency and international trade.


Investment opportunities in Ukrainian banking sector

Despite the news reports about the troubles in the Ukrainian banking sector, banking remains one of the most attractive sectors in any growing economy. The banks which had absolutely failed to control any financial risks as well as those that had been created as “pocket banks” serving suspicious commercial schemes are among the ones going through the hard times today in Ukraine. Those bankers who could control both appetites for abundant growing potential and manage currency risks have now laid a strong foundation for their further expansion.

Modern retail banking technologies and superior client service practices can still make any new player in the market a winner in a very short period of time.

Our experienced banking consultants can ensure a smooth registration and licensing of a new banking institution or propose a new growing bank.

Financial services: Insurance and Leasing

Investing into Financial Services sector in Ukraine

Ukrainian market is absorbing all types of financial services. Most common are Insurance and Leasing. Opportunities exist for large operator entry, take over of existing companies as well as establishment of brokerage networks across the vast territory of Ukraine.

Software Development

Investing in web media and custom software development in Ukraine

Ukrainian IT brains have been renown all over the World and many of them have actually returned to Ukraine to start up new Internet ventures and software houses producing some of the most sophisticate web applications and mobile applications used all over the World. Ukrainian software developers mostly work with their Western European or American partners as the R&D and back office support. World leaders in software development outsourcing have opened their branches in Ukraine to elaborate software architecture design projects and brain-intensive R&D assignments.

Health care, Sports and Recreation

Escalating standards of living in Ukraine have still brought no major international operators of spa & wellness clubs, sports gyms, fitness centers, and other recreational services. At the same time, demand for recreational services and health care medical services is continuing to grow while quality supply is not sufficient to fill the mass market.

Real Estate

Investing in hotels, restaurants, residential space and commercial real estate in Ukraine

Ukrainian real estate prices soared in 2008 and have now been adjusted with the world financial crisis trimming access to financial resources. The buying power decrease however has only temporarily affected the real estate market with a new cycle of development expected by the end of 2009 when Ukraine will also be passing the Presidential elections period which will attract a lot of capital into the country.

Long to mid- term investing in Ukrainian real estate has always been risky but never failed! Lower market today only means a greater opportunity of tomorrow as the economy will revitalize very soon despite the gloomy news reports in the Ukrainian and international press. The important indicators of the Ukrainian economy are still beyond traditional theories of Western economists and thus cannot be based on official statistics and calculations of real GDP.


Іnvestment and Trade proposals


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