How to start Each Workday Right
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Wake Early

While it might be tempting to hit the snooze button a few times before waking each workday, this leaves you at the risk of running behind before the day has even begun. Rather than sleeping in, wake early and take a little more time in preparing for the day. From getting in a quick workout to savoring a hot breakfast, this added time will leave you feeling refreshed when you enter the office.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is for champions and you want to be a champion at work, don’t you? Skipping breakfast leaves your mind malnourished and brings an increased risk for slip-ups at work. Even a small breakfast of fruit or a granola bar can make all the difference at improving the day’s outlook.

Create a Schedule

Arriving to work without a clear guideline for the day’s tasks often leads to scattered concentration and a lack of productivity. Begin each workday by creating a schedule for what you would like to accomplish. This will provide a sense of direction and, when achieved, will leave you with a more positive feeling at the day’s end.

Insert Variety

Don’t do the same tasks in the same manner each workday. This redundancy will quickly lead to workplace boredom and the feeling of needing something more. Rather, insert variety into each workday by switching up how and when you complete assignments. Something as simple as eating your lunch at a local park can also improve the day’s productivity.

Stay Positive

From coworker annoyances to project dissatisfactions, you may feel less-than-thrilled with certain aspects of your job. Rather than taking a woe-is-me attitude, reframe the way you view workplace problems by looking on the bright side. Each time a negative thought enters your mind regarding work, quickly think of five things you enjoy about the job. This will thwart the bad attitude and will prevent your day from going completely off course.

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