How Marketing Automation Enhances CRM and Putting Your Leads on a Diet
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How Marketing Automation Enhances CRM and Putting Your Leads on a Diet

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Many CRM systems have a module for marketing, but how is marketing automation different and how can it make CRM solutions even better?


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In contrast, there are a lot of areas where marketers need the help of automation and want the analytic power of hard data.  The CRS-CRM system gives sales management visibility and ability to control through information.  Cool.  Marketing automation is about making marketers, sales, and support people more effective.  A way more ambitious goal, with a payoff that justifies the effort.

What makes marketing automation truly powerful is when it is fully integrated with the CRS, with data that is linked from first website touch through the close of the sale and beyond–clear payoffs in revenues and cost efficiency.  Done right, Marketing automation can provide a lot of leverage on the qualitative side:  branding, messaging, and customer satisfaction.

Way back in the last century, I did the Product Management/Marketing thing for 10 years.  The only available research tools you had were surveys and focus groups, eventually getting into email.  The data was biased, easily garbled, and not really very relevant.  Oh, how things have changed. Today, a properly configured CRS-CRM system can give the product manager an incredible amount of unbiased data about their customer base.  No delays, no surveys, no phone calls to sales reps with an ax to grind.

For the product marketer, Campaigns and Programs give tremendous insight into what messages are working, what tactics are paying off, and what the decision-making process looks like.  This gives unprecedented visibility and authoritative impact — but only if the Marketer is well versed in reporting and longitudinal analysis like Revenue Cycle Analytics.  Too often, Marketers are light on this skill set.

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