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The dreaded day has finally arrived. After sweating through another restless night of sleep, you roll out of bed in fear of one of the most common phobias that plague mankind. No, we’re not talking about rolling out of bed into the range of a lonely spider. We’re talking about glossophobia, a fancy term that describes the inexorable fear of speaking in front of an audience. Oh, the audience doesn’t have to number into the hundreds. You can experience glossophobia simply by getting up in front of a small group of your professional peers.

Public speaking requires a baby step approach that begins by conquering your public speaking fear in front of smaller audiences. Ask a few friends and family members to sit down for a short presentation and increase your confidence by adding people to the small group. Familiar faces breed public speaking comfort and eventually, you should be able to address your professional peers flawlessly during a PowerPoint presentation.

Create a speech that informs your audience, but more important, your words must entertain as well. Question and answer monologues quickly engage your audience and you don’t have to wait until the end of a dry monologue to ask for audience participation. By interacting with your audience from the start, you immediately expunge the fear of public speaking.

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