How to be happy at work
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Help Someone Else

You probably know at least one coworker who could use some help now and then. Lend them a hand when you get a free minute.

Even if it’s something as simple as bringing them back a cup of coffee when they can’t take a break, the act of helping others around you makes you feel happier. You’ll definitely smile more when you hear heartfelt thank you from your coworkers.

Don’t Bother With Gossip

You have no way of knowing what gossip is and isn’t true. Worrying yourself about what you heard at the water cooler is just going to cause unnecessary stress. Avoid gossip as much as possible and never participate in it. Much of what you hear is false rumors anyway. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself happy at work is to stick to the facts only.

Laugh at Your Mistakes

No one in your office is perfect. Even the boss makes mistakes. Instead of getting worked up over every mistake you make, laugh it off. This reduces stress and makes you happier. Once you’ve calmed yourself, it’ll be much easier to figure out a way to fix the mistake and get back to work. Plus, your boss will love that you took responsibility and did what you could to remedy the situation.

Ask for Feedback

A common reason why people aren’t happy at work is because they’re never sure what the boss really thinks of their performance. Stop worrying and just ask for fegedback. You don’t have to wait for a yearly review. Instead, take the initiative and talk to your boss face to face. Ask if there are any areas you could improve in. Knowing where you stand with your boss not only improves your job performance, but makes you happier.

Think About Commitments Carefully

You might want to show your boss that you can handle everything. The truth is you only have so much time every day. Taking on too many projects could ruin both your professional and personal life. If you’re having to always stay late to finish, you don’t get the downtime you need after work.

Before committing to new projects, teams or tasks at your job, think about whether you can realistically handle them. You’ll be happier and more productive this way.

Give Compliments

If you want your coworkers to treat you well, you have to do the same in return. The less tension there is between you and your coworkers, the happier you’ll be. Start by complimenting them over small things such as a great idea they had in a meeting. This makes them feel great and you’ll feel happier just by seeing how good you’ve made them feel.

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