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Export is a business to business kind of trade. Quantity of export is more important parameter than profit margin per unit of product.Although we import/export raw material,semi finished and completely finished product.But every government encourage import of raw material and export of finished products. So that indigenous production increase by adding value to raw material and we export more value products than import. This practice will decrease trade deficit and increase trade surplus for a country. Every exporter/importer act as a primary producer or supplier to their buyer.This business is also very competitive.Although there are less business players in international trade than domestic market.Finding authentic buyer is cumbersome task.Every one will approach you but just to confirm rate so that he/she can bargain with other players.Very less deals will be finalized,but these deals however small may be will open your trade gates to other deals. It is the game of contacts,networking and reputation.You have to maintain your quality, efficiency,supply chain and trustworthiness.


You should decide that how you want to introduce yourself in this market as a supplier as a manufacturer/producer or both. As a export oriented manufacturer you have to deal with less variables because you are the one who is producing as well supplying no need to deal with multiple small suppliers or producers and easy supply chain management.Where as a supplier you need more managed supply chain because you have to deal with multiple parties.Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages eg manufacturing unit need much more investment than working as a supplier.But government is increasing their help in case of setting up manufacturing units to increase production and export and decrease foreign dependency and import.


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