Exporting garden furniture to European market
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Which European markets offer opportunities for exporters of garden furniture?

European imports of garden furniture have recovered strongly from a dip in 2013. Developing countries are Europe’s main garden furniture suppliers. Europe’s main garden furniture importers are:

  • France
  • Germany
  • the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an especially interesting focus country, with a strong market for developing countries.

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What trends offer opportunities on the European market for garden furniture?

Outdoor living

An on-going trend is that the garden is becoming part of the living area. It is turning into a second living room. European consumers like a completely decorated outdoor space. Outdoor furniture has to meet the same needs as indoor furniture:

  • comfort
  • luxury
  • a coherent style
  • an expression of taste


The popularity of outdoor kitchens continues to grow as well, moving beyond simple barbecues.

Through which channels can you get garden furniture on the European market?

The market channels and segments for garden furniture do not differ significantly from the sector in general.

Market channels

In the furniture sector, there are more retail importers than wholesale importers. In Europe, garden furniture is commonly distributed through:

  • Garden centers
  • Do-It-Yourself outlets
  • Furniture retailers
  • General home decor retailers


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