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This is one of the most important HR tips for managers: encourage employee feedback. Otherwise, unresolved issues will pile up and, before you know it, you’ll start losing some of your best talent. Make no mistake, top performers are the ones who leave first in search of a better work environment.

The best way to receive honest employee feedback is through one-on-one conversations. Although, your reaction will either encourage the employee to tell more or shut down communication. That’s why it’s important to be receptive to feedback and listen to understand, not to answer back.

Another option is to observe employees on the job. Just look at their faces and their posture as you pass along their desks. Are they busy and focused, or are they on the verge of exhaustion? Do they smile at you whole-heartedly, or are they putting on a polite grin? Learn to tell the difference. A negative vibe in the workplace is hard to miss if you pay attention.

Finally, a no-brainer reminder. You can’t gain employee trust or keep honest feedback coming your way unless you act on it. Even though you can’t grant every request, try to keep an open mind and reach a compromise whenever possible.

It’s hard to hold multiple responsibilities and carry out different roles. When you’re running a small business though, multitasking is on the daily agenda. Hopefully, our HR advice for small businesses has shed some light on your road to successful business and people management.

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