Dress code for Management
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Dress code for Management

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Dress for your industry. Choose more creative or conservative attire according to your industry and company culture so as not to be out of place. Always err on the side of more formal attire to appear professional and in control; you can almost never go wrong with a good suit.

To assert a CEO level of power and status no matter what the industry, a good general rule is to think about dressing to look slightly older than you are.

Dress at the same level or above. Dress for who you’re meeting with: Match the level of formality and style that high-level executives or board members are wearing, but dress slightly above what clients or employees might wear.

Grasp Business vs Business Casual. When your occasion requires it, “business attire” generally calls for a dark matched suit in a solid or subtly pinstriped color, with a white dress shirt, conservative tie, and leather dress shoes. “Business casual” requires a dress shirt and slacks at minimum, with a jacket like a blazer or sport coat optional.

For your best bet in a business casual situation, don a jacket and tie and then remove one or both if the atmosphere appears more casual on arrival.

Remember that a CEO can and should dress at or above the level of clients and employees, so it’s okay to be slightly more formal than others at a business casual event.

Consider foreign customs. If meeting with foreign partners or customers, do some research on business customs in their country and make adjustments to your wardrobe—like covering more skin or choosing something more formal, for example—if it would be more appropriate and make them feel more comfortable

Gauge a social situation. Choose slightly less formal attire for a social event associated with your business. If the event doesn’t call for a specific dress code, try a light gray or dark brown suit for daytime events, or simply shed your jacket to stick with your slacks and button-down. You can also opt for more creative “social suits” in lighter colors or vivid patterns if the invitation says “suits and ties for men” (generally acceptable for events like brunches or church outings).

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