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Get your jewelry on as many people as possible. Don’t be hesitant about loaning. That’s what’s insurance is for

Run strategic Facebook advertising campaigns. For certain holidays, make sure to advertise special deals that are only available to Facebook fans. These campaigns are great, because you can target consumers according to certain demographics: age, gender, location, and whether or not the people are connected to your business. Also, you can set a strict daily budget and select how long you want your advertising campaign to run. This has been very successful in helping me obtain countless new likes and customers

Every person you meet is a potential customer. Wear a piece of your jewelry every day, everywhere you go.  Be friendly, positive and smile to everyone you see. When people compliment you on your jewelry, say thank you, hand them your business card, and say, since you like these earrings or this ring, bracelet, necklace or whatever it may be, please visit my website to look at my other jewelry. The person will happily take your business card and you now have a new potential customer.

Tell a story! Oftentimes in business, we are advised to be professional and leave out the personal. While I completely agree that remaining professional throughout the journey of your business is non-negotiable, I think one of the biggest missteps is actually not making it personal. Strike a balance. One of the strongest choices you can make as a business owner is to give your customers a genuine glimpse into who you are. It allows them to make a stronger connection to the work. By making that connection, they’ll be more likely to remember your work and return

Getting your name out there, wherever you can…getting people to know about you. One of the best things, while difficult to do, is getting your product featured in a magazine (not an ad). You have to find the correct contact person (editor of a specific area of the magazine). Send them your info, either by email or hard copy, including any pics of your product. Offering to do a giveaway with them as well will get your name in the magazine. Just one great feature can bring in all kinds of business!

We are a part of the greatest marketing time ever, before the growth of major social networking it was difficult for a small business’ such as a jewelry designer to reach out to other areas to market. Today be sure to take advantage of all avenues of social networking and be sure to stay on top of them with new content and material.  People have an attraction to what’s new or a Sale, be sure to drive interest in your product by rotating it through different social sites. Google adwords and Facebook ads could be another driving force at bringing interest into your site and possibly into your pocket book. Be creative most social media is free of charge but the ads are not so be sure to budget ads correctly and you can be marketing to the masses in no time.

When marketing your jewelry designs online be sure your photography is the very best.  Jewelry is hard to photograph but there are lots of tips and ideas available online and remember, your potential customer can’t pick up the piece of jewelry and hold it, they can only see what you show in your photos so never stop trying to improve your photography.

My brand is like my personality. I create quirky, fashionable jewelry that supports my values of being sustainable and budget conscious.  I gave serious thought to my values, beliefs, passions, creative inspirations and who I am as a person; the outcome of that is a brand that describes who I am and what I create, which in turn helps me focus on marketing to my target audience, and gives me a foundation on which to continue growing my business.

For online marketing of your jewelry work, it is very important to have clear and informative descriptions. What are the dimensions of the work? What are the materials used? Potential customers need this kind of information to help them decide on their purchase.  And to seal the sale, give a little insight into the inspiration behind the piece and a story about the techniques you used to create it.  Personal details will help your item come alive for the shopper

This has been my most important element in growing my business and it includes quick responses to questions, polite and informative answers, custom designs or re-sizing to fit the client, beautiful packaging, quick shipping and, above all, making a personal connection with clients. It is a great way to add that element of personality to an online shopping experience and it has resulted in repeat buyers, personal recommendations to other clients and amazing feedback which in turn helps new buyers feel comfortable purchasing your product. By making a shopping experience memorable, clients will always remember to you in the future!

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