B2B Sales Strategy for Hotels
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In the competitive world of hospitality, having the right sales strategy is more important than ever.B2B sales is one key way to getting your company or product known, specified and out there, but there is no easy answer to this strategy’s success. Here are a few key pointers to getting the most out of your B2B hotel sales strategy.

  • Define your target market

Putting in the ground work when it comes to deciding who you want to buy your product is key to the success of any B2B marketing campaign. It can save untold hours of work down the line if you do your research and decide which hotels, resorts or hostels would benefit from your service or product. Finding a property or brand that your product or service is a good fit for increases the chances of future collaborations, so don’t underestimate this crucial step.

Now that you know who you want to sell to, what is unique about their particular hotel or genre of hospitality? It might be worth noting that, unlike other industries, Monday to Friday does not apply in hospitality, in fact, hospitality never sleeps! So it is wise to take into account when to contact the hotel, and also bear in mind that some seasons are busier than others, and this could be used to your advantage if the hotel is looking to stock up on a particular product or service.

  • Get the right contact

So you’ve whittled down the hotels you want to approach, but it’s no use wasting your time talking to the receptionist if they aren’t the one in charge of the department you want to connect with. Ensure you are talking to the right person, or else you run the risk of becoming a name on a slip of paper in a drawer somewhere.

  • Think outside the box

It is important that you widen your reach when pitching your product to hotels in an already saturated market. What makes you and your product different, and how could that help the hotel in their work? Think about new threats to the hospitality industry, like AirBnB and aparthotels – is what you offer somehow going to help the hotel in this new competitive era? Make your product stand out from the crowd and highlight ways in which working with you will benefit them.

  • Join an online supplier database

One of the most effective ways to sell your product is to get listed on an online supplier directory. This also takes the hassle out of you chasing down prospective clients, and instead makes them come to you. A database has a finely tuned filter facility, streamlining the search process and matcing supplier and client with greater ease than ever before.

  • Invest in your existing relationships

Are you an established seller with many loyal clients? If so, use them! Word of mouth goes a long way in any industry, and if you can get clients  to recommend or refer you, that takes a lot of work out of building a potentially transformative relationship for you and your company. Keep in touch with your clients and let them know that you are looking for new opportunities and to keep you in mind.

  • Social Media

The importance of social media and online advertising to sell your brand cannot be overstated. Getting your company’s name into people’s heads is much easier if you are using the right channels. If you are a food provider, you might want to choose Instagram for its visual content. LinkedIn might be a better platform if you want to connect with industry professionals. Employ us if this feels daunting.


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