20 Signs Your Resume Won’t Pass the Skim Test
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Check which ones apply to you, and then take some action to change it up! 

  1. Your resume has an objective statementat the top.
  2. Your resume does not have a “professional introduction” at the top.
  3. Your education is listed at the very top; takes up a lot of room, and you majored in a field that has nothing to do with the job you are looking for.
  4. You don’t have a LinkedIn vanity URLas part of your contact information.
  5. Your experience is listed as a bunch of tasks, rather than accomplishments and results.
  6. Your experience is described with phrases that begin with “Was responsible for…”
  7. You haven’t optimized the top 30% of your resume to grab the reader’s attention on a phone or tablet device.
  8. You have no numbers or quantification of any kind on your resume.
  9. There isn’t a single bullet point on your resume.
  10. You have no sense for whether your resume layout and design is attractive and easy to read, and stands out from the others in the pile.
  11. You have blocks of paragraphical text.
  12. You have included the sentence: References available upon request. Note: this is a deal breaker. If you have this sentence on your resume, please get help TODAY.
  13. You’ve listed references ON your resume. Just, don’t.
  14. Your resume is more than two pages.
  15. You have clip art on your resume.
  16. You have your photo on your resume. (This applies to US only. Some other countries are OK with this.)
  17. You have typos because, well, you’re not really detail oriented and they’ll know what you were trying to say.
  18. Your resume does not include keywords specific to the job and company you are applying to.
  19. Your resume is not customized to a specific job and organization, but looks like a “one size fits all” resume product.
  20. Your resume includes terminology or references that might be distracting or confusing to the reader.ht now, it’s still the way that most employers are vetting candidates. And they’re not reading. They’re skimming!

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