Marketing Strategy for Outdoor Industries- Implementation
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Buying billboard space is about so much more than just putting your message out there for people to see. To craft a successful campaign, you need to consider other elements unique to the format you want to deliver your message in.

An effective outdoor marketing strategy encompasses four main touch points:

  • Coverage
  • Targeting
  • Creativity
  • Patience

Read on to learn how you can incorporate all these things into an outdoor marketing campaign to achieve your goal, whether that means getting out the word about a new album release or selling a product.

  1. Coverage: Make Smart Choices About Where Your (More Than One) Billboards Go

You generally need more than one billboard to succeed with any campaign, and they must enjoy widespread deployment across a well-chosen market to get you the sort of exposure you desire. This is where an agency can help you figure out the right placement.

  1. Targeting: Find Who You Want to Reach Based on Who Wants Your Product

For someone to want to purchase your product, you have to reach people who want what you have, and that means targeting your outdoor advertising to the right demographics.

You need to know who will have the most interest in your product, then find out where they live. That means doing the market research, which is one way an agency like ours can ensure you find the right placement. It’s not just about the right town. It’s also the right neighborhood. Come up with a demographic profile of your target user, and find the billboards near them with the best visibility.

  1. Creativity: Deploy Smart Billboards That Are Easy to Digest

Billboard creative should be snappy and get its point across quickly. That still leaves room for clever executions. Visuals often work better than words on billboards. You want your message to be clear and immediately recognizable.

While cryptic messaging works for some brands, such as music and entertainment, for others it simply annoys the audience. They don’t know who you are, and they won’t try to find out if you’ve confused them in the ad. You want people to smile over your ad, not try to puzzle out its meaning-that’s too frustrating.

Though you need people to notice your billboard, don’t make the mistake of turning it into a rainbow of colors unless you’re selling Skittles. Stick with one bold shade. Make the rest more muted. You should have only a handful of words, too. Let imagery do most of the talking.


  1. Patience: Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

Outdoor advertising is all about the long game. If you expect your board to provide overnight success, well, you’re going to feel disappointed. Billboards build recognition over time. This is one reason you should deploy more than one of them. It may take weeks for your messaging to sink in, but once it does, it’s pretty effective.

But you have to be willing to wait for it. Don’t treat outdoor advertising like a digital advertising campaign. It’s traditional media, and a lot of your return will come through branding and recognition. Knowing how to measure your campaign, based on those two factors, is a key piece of your success.

Our implementation division provides a range of solutions, based on your budget, to ensure sustainable change and continuous improvement is achieved in your business.


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