Women Who Put Work First Are Workaholics
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Gals! We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

If you put kids before your work your career suffers. If you put work before you kids your good-mommy status suffers.

Case in point, a few weeks back the CFO of Google quit, ostensibly to get more work-life fit. He spent years bypassing his family but finally had a come to Jesus moment and quit his job to make his wife happy.

Well, Google has found a replacement, and guess what one of the top tech sites — Mashable — says about the new financial chief: “Google’s CFO left the job for work-life balance, so they hired a workaholic to replace him.”

Turns out the new workaholic is a woman, and it turns out the reporter calls her that because of an old news story about the female executive — Ruth M. Porat. The story claims she took a phone call from a client while she was in the delivery room for the birth of her first child.

This from a New York Times article from 2010: “Colleagues say Ms. Porat is a tireless worker. In 1992, during the birth of her first son, she was on the phone in the delivery room making client calls.

The Mashable piece that posted eight hours ago, which is short on any real reporting, focuses on this little nugget as a sign Porat is a workaholic.

This type of double standard is what contributes to women feeling like they’re stuck in a steel box of gender ignorance, unable to break out and feel supported for what they do to advance their careers and their families.

I suspect, no reporter would focus on such a nugget when it came to a male executive? I think it’s time we start concentrating on what men in the corner office were doing when they where in the delivery room…well, hopefully they were in the delivery room.


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