Why would anyone want to be a politician?
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Why would anyone want to be a politician?

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Implicit in man’s nature is the idea of competition. This idea is what drives many aspects of life, including the search for power and money and real estate. Even the most idealistic of us, I feel, would be hard pressed to keep to the straight and narrow once the “bloom is off the rose,” so to speak.

Noble ideas and causes may launch a career, but more and more those ideals are being subverted by man’s more instinctual, and basest of reasons: self interest. Of course, a less cynical person might call it self-preservation, but the results, unfortunately, are always the same, it seems. Just watch a news cycle anywhere, and it will almost always have a story about corrupt politicians, or self-serving legislation, or some other seedy aspect of politics.

Politics presents to man two irresistible allures – power and corruption. That is not to say that the two must intertwine but that it is impossible to have politics without these two attractive features. There is the politician that uses their power for the good of the citizens, other to benefit their party, some friends and the rest themselves. Corruption also has a multitude of functions – do you reject it for morality, to establish an identity, because you might be caught – repercussions, to win, to be popular. Or do you embrace it as a means to achieve something else, for greed, convention etc.

Corruption in positive and negative all impact power – your power to succeed, to change, to direct, to be remembered, to share your voice/values.

Everyone want to be a politician for power – negative and positive. And everyone wants to be a politician to mingle with the light and dark of corruption – to be just and to be dark fuel this power.

However, as in everything else in life, no one may make you do anything. If a politician, either man or women, sticks to their idealistic nature, life might get rough, but those who persevere are the ones who are able to look themselves in the mirror each day. I am just not sure if there are any politicians out there who are able to do this. Or maybe you just don’t hear about the good ones because there is no “news” to be had from their story?

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