Tips to export wine to Europe
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  • Find out which wine market in Europe has the best opportunities for your wine

Market research can help you find out which wine market in Europe offers the most promising opportunities for your wines. Wine buyers align their portfolio to taste preferences and trends in their market, which differ per country. Therefore market research is essential to understanding your target market.

  • Visit international wine fairs to get in contact with your buyers

International wine trade fairs are valuable platforms for you to develop your contact base, meet buyers and build brand recognition. At these trade fairs you can exhibit your wine at your stand and play host for important representatives from importers, distributors and retailers from across the world. This can give you a big boost in finding interested buyers for your wine.

  • Sector associations are valuable sources of information

Wine sector associations are national organisations which represent businesses from their own country to various ends. These associations are a good source of information about your target markets and potential buyers, as many include a list of their members which can be potential buyers. Members of these associations can range from small wine producers to multinational wine traders.

  • Wine magazines can be used to promote your wine to a wide public

International wine magazines are a good opportunity to promote your wine and/or winery. Through an article you can communicate your Unique Selling Points to a wide public within the wine industry, ranging from wine experts to wine importers and wine specialty shops.

  • Use social media to build your brand locally and/or regionally

Social media are increasingly being used as a medium to discuss wine among wine consumers. Additionally, social media are becoming increasingly popular for marketing and promotional purposes. Therefore, social media can be a good channel to promote your wine locally and regionally, build your brand and generate support for your wine. Having a stronger brand helps you to find interested European buyers for your wine.

  • Do not contact your potential buyers with a email campaign

Almost all wine buyers prefer personal meetings to emails. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Sending generic emails introducing your company to a potential trading partner will not work for European wine buyers. Since they have no reference of your capacities, such an email is often perceived as unreliable or spam email.

If you do choose to contact your potential buyers via email, personalise your email. Explain why your wine will add value to their particular portfolio. If you are not sure who the right contact person is within the company, express these doubts and ask if your email can be forwarded to the right contact person. This might trigger the recipient to do so, rather than disregard your email.

  • Hire Manager’s Office who knows your target wine market and can help you find buyers

If you have identified opportunities for your wine in a target market you are unfamiliar with, you could consider hiring a scout to find buyers for you. A scout can be a wine expert or a consultant that knows your target market well, who can help you find buyers and open doors to your target market. They must believe in your wine to be able to endorse it to potential buyers.


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