The top 8 traits of successful, creative businesswomen
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The top 8 traits of successful, creative businesswomen

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Look at any successful businesswoman and you will discover how much they truly believe in themselves. Self-belief is probably the single most important trait possessed by any successful entrepreneur. If you don’t believe you can succeed, then you won’t get very far.


You have to really want something if you’re going to succeed. And you should never settle for second best. Always strive to push forward. Always aim for the top. What’s stopping you?


Confidence is essential if you want to win clients and build a profitable business. Confidence will win people’s respect, earn their trust and gain you a solid reputation.

When walking into any room, hold your head up high and stand tall. When greeting people for the first time, smile, shake their hand, hold eye contact – be confident. And if you’re having an ‘off day’ repeat positive affirmations in your head.


Successful female entrepreneurs are always passionate about what they do because they tend to create businesses around the things they enjoy.

Find your own passion, believe in it and turn it into something you can really be proud of. “To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.”

Humility and a willingness to learn

You cannot rest on your laurels when you run your own business. The creative industries are always changing, so you will constantly need to keep up and innovate. Successful female entrepreneurs know this and will work hard to learn and improve all the time. They’ll read books, go to workshops and be willing to learn from others.

Successful businesswomen will always be humble. They’ll never be afraid to admit they don’t know everything and will always strive to boost their skills.

Sense of purpose

There is no point in starting a business unless you possess a strong sense of purpose. You have to believe that you are destined for great (and good) things.

To be a successful female entrepreneur you have to believe in yourself and believe that what you are doing is making a difference. That strong sense of purpose will be reflected in your business, which will only stand the test of time.

Hard work

Hard work is the secret to success. You have to be prepared to work long hours and sacrifice your spare time to build up a business.


Whether you’re a man or woman, it takes guts to run a business and deal with all the difficult challenges you will undoubtedly face.

You have to constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone to move forward, boost confidence and ultimately succeed. This means you have to take risks and accept that when things go wrong, you can always survive and turn things around. Be brave and you will never look back.

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