The simplest and most accurate way to measure customer satisfaction with Client Heartbeat
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The simplest and most accurate way to measure customer satisfaction with Client Heartbeat

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1. Easy to create a simple, personalized survey 

Customer feedback surveys still offer the best and most accurate way to measure satisfaction. However, no one likes filling out surveys that are 50 questions long, take 15 minutes to fill out and ask lots of open-ended questions.

Your clients simply don’t have the time for all that!

The biggest complaint I hear from companies about feedback surveys is their customers just don’t fill them out. Business owners are telling me only 5-15% of their customers actually fill out the surveys and provide feedback. They are frustrated by the low response rates because they don’t get feedback from all their customers.

We also focus on personalization and customization. Surveys are sent via your email address, address each client by their first name and include your company logo and colors.

2. Collect, interpret and analyze customer feedback

Any survey or customer feedback tool can collect feedback, but without the ability to interpret and analyze the data, it offers limited value. Context is important when you are measuring customer satisfaction.

Client Heartbeat offers context where regular online surveys can’t. Here are four ways it helps us interpret and analyze our feedback more effectively:

Measure satisfaction over a period of time: Client Heartbeat lets you measure satisfaction from one period to the next. This means you can use past data to see whether satisfaction has improved or declined since the last survey.

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