The Role of HR
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You’ll typically be responsible for:

  • Employee recruitment and management
  • Serving as a liaison for management and employees
  • Managing employee benefit programs
  • Advising company leaders on human resource issues, regulations and policies
  • Handling staff issues and disciplinary procedures

As new companies form and grow, and new regulations and employment laws are passed, educated and experienced human resource managers will be in high demand across a wide range of industries to help ensure organizations follow the new guidelines and respond to changing employee needs.

HR professionals will be required to become experts in one or two specific areas in order to adequately address these (industry) changes,” she said. “This will definitely impact how HR professionals are trained now and in the future. No longer can folks just ‘fall’ into HR with no experience or background. The complexity of the profession in all areas requires a deeper understanding of the human resource function.”

Manager’s Office

HR & Training Dept.

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