Sales Account Executive (SAE-54500876)
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The Account Executive builds relationships with key stakeholders, and generates revenue opportunities across all product and service lines. Pre-sale duties include preparing action plans and customized presentations, and  performing pre-call research and analysis. Post-sale duties include ensuring smooth implementation and account setup. The Account Executive also responds to internal and external customer concerns or problems, determines corrective actions, and/or assigns response personnel.

Other Duties

– Maintain and grow a book of business (e.g., ground, air, international, freight)

– Introduce new products and services and expand business opportunities within customer accounts

– Track sales performance to objectives

– Monitor account statistics and respond to internal sales leads to identify opportunities and create sales strategies

– Research resources and account history

– Qualify leads

– Submit pricing requests and analyze price quotes

– Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), generate standard and customized reports and queries, access
appropriate databases, and interpret and clarify data

Preferred Competencies

– Applies knowledge of core business and of freight structure and operations to resolve problems, make decisions
and achieve business objectives

– Assesses and identifies business needs and conducts customer analysis to determine customer requirements and
constraints, determine the impact of products/services on customers, and identify which products, services and
features to promote to current/potential customers

– Builds business partnerships and develops key customer relationships to maximize account profitability. Understands
the customer’s business and aligns account strategies to customer goals

– Conducts competitive analysis of competitor’s offerings and strategies, and maintains awareness of competitive

– Creates and develops strategies and plans for effectively managing accounts

– Negotiates with others by identifying desired outcomes, organizational priorities, and appropriate strategies and
concessions. Asks pertinent questions, considers alternatives, persuades others, and bargains for win-win solutions

– Solicits information using information gathering techniques such as asking open and closed-ended questions,
probing for details, and interviewing others to obtain additional information

If you are interest for the position, you can send your CV at the hr department of Manager’s Office via email

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