Multicultural Marketing Manager(MMM-008640)
Posted in Sales – Marketing – PR

• Responsibilities

The Multicultural Manager will be responsible for developing, launching, and managing strategies, tactics and marketing
programs designed to meet growth, revenue and churn objectives for the Multicultural segments.

– Provide strategic direction, review and analysis of all multicultural advertising, merchandising, collateral, direct marketing
and customer base initiatives.

– Identify relevant events, co marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities relevant to the segment.

– Monitor, evaluate and understand competitive activity within the Multicultural segments.

– Solicit feedback from areas on competitive challenges in marketplace and concurrence on strategic and tactical

– Manage field communication and training for all new product & promotion initiatives.

– Actively monitor competitive activity for emerging segments.

– Develop and maintain segment scorecards to ensure constant and frequent results tracking.

– Collect, disseminate and act on internal and external best practices both within and outside of the wireless industry.

– Develop measurement criteria to assess segment performance (e.g. activations, churn, migration, usage, revenue, customer
behavior, etc. Work with Data Warehouse team to implement systematic tracking and reporting of results.

• Qualifications

– BS degree in Marketing / MBA preferred

– 6 years of Marketing experience

– 3-5 years multicultural marketing experience

– 3-5 years Wireless/Telecommunications experience

– Must be Fluent in English, Arabic,

– Strong organizational, interpersonal, presentation, oral and written communications skills required

– Thoroughly understands telecommunications fundamentals, architecture, drivers, and industry players

– Thoroughly understands wireless telecommunications networks, services and markets

– Proficient in product management

– Business case development and analysis

– Ability to multi-task (advance and prioritize many projects simultaneously), work independently and as an effective team

– Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, complete important time sensitive tasks, adapt quickly to last minute changes and
manage multiple projects simultaneously

– Ability to create and work in a team environment

If you are interest for the position, you can send your CV at the hr department of Manager’s Office via  email

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