Make-Up Tips for a Job Interview
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In today’s tough economy, jobs can be difficult to find. Therefore, it is important that you make a great first impression in the interview. One way to make sure that you make a great first impression is to wear natural looking make-up that fits the job you are applying for in the interview. Here are some make-up tips to take into consideration for making a great first impression.

Start with a base of foundation that matches your natural skin color. The foundation needs to be blended well. If it isn’t blended well, you will have an unsightly line where the make-up ends on your jaw line. For a polished professional look that says you pay attention to small details, blend this line, so it isn’t visible. Also, remember that a lot of people sweat during the interview process because they are nervous. Applying minimal foundation may be the best way to ensure your make-up doesn’t run in case you sweat too.

Loose Powder

To set the look of the foundation, apply a loose powder over it. Again, match colors carefully so that there is no visible difference in the color of your face and the color of your neck. Here are some tips to remember when applying loose powder.

* Be careful not to use too much or it can settle in lines on the face.

* Spread evenly so you get a uniform look.

* Wipe off any excess powders, so clumps don’t form.

* Take extra loose powder with you to use right before the interview if needed.

Eye Make-up
Using a lot of eye make-up can go past the professional look to the party look. In this case, less is more. You may want to start by applying a concealer underneath the eyes to conceal any bags that may lead an employer or interview committee to believe that you are too tired to do this job correctly. After the dark circles are concealed, think about the color of eye shadow you will use. Muted, neutral tones that coordinate with your interview day outfit work better than extremely dark shades or too colorful shades. You want your eye make-up to be applied perfectly because you want to make sure to maintain eye contact during the interview. Try to maintain a steady hand when applying eye make-up as your nerves may have your hand shaking.

When you are putting your best face forward to the employer, wearing lipstick can be the finishing touch on your face. Stay away from bright colors or colors that are too dark for your complexion. Neutral shades or muted down shades of color can give you a more professional look while still giving added color to your face. Blush It is important to remember that your face might already be red during the interview because of nerves, blushing, or embarrassment as interviews can be nerve-wracking. So make sure you don’t overuse blush. Blush should provide a natural hint of color on the cheeks. It may be wise to use a lighter shade for the interview since your skin might provide a bit of natural redness on this day.

Natural Light
When you think your make-up is ready for the big interview, walk outside with a handheld mirror and check your make-up in natural light. It is easier to see make-up lines, clumps of make-up, and imperfections that may need to be fixed.  After you know what to fix, you can go back inside and fix any mistakes, so you can be confident your make-up gives the perfect first impression.

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