How To Solve the Biggest Problems With Interviews
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You’ve been waiting for your chance to interview and it finally arrives! The date and time are set and you know you are going to ace the interview. Except it’s been awhile since you last interviewed so you begin to second-guess yourself. You’re not alone- few people interview often enough to feel confident.

Here’s Why Interviewing Sucks

The hiring manager, who has a thousand other things to do, is unenthusiastic about having to interview another candidate. And you are thinking to yourself one or all of the following: how will I sell this person on my qualifications? Will I be able to answer all their questions? Gosh, I really want this job.

Plus, the interview process is taking longer. Companies will call you back 3, 4, 5 times and draws out for what seems like forever.

Instead of a win-win scenario, interviews create stress and discomfort for both parties involved. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change your thinking and thoroughly prepare for interviews if you know how.

Change Your Thinking

Instead of feeling like you are on the receiving end of an interrogation, consider the interview a two-way conversation. Allow the interview to ask a question and then you supply an answer and follow-up with your own related question.

That’s all an interview is a conversation between two people trying to learn about each other.

Get Answers To How and Why

The questions you ask should help you understand what you’ll be doing, but more importantly, why you will be doing it. Questions like: What keeps you up at night?  How will you know you hired the right person for the job? What do you expect the new employee’s outcomes to be in a month, six months, and a year? And my all-time favorite, why is this position available? Imagine you are a consultant trying to uncover what the hiring manager really needs.


Armed with a list of solid questions you want answered isn’t enough. You’ll need to do thorough research on the company, the people you will be interviewing with and the competition.

Self Assessment

Review the job posting in detail. What requirements do you meet or exceed? Do you have proof? And where do you fall short? What skills do you lack? You better believe the interviewer has noted your shortcomings too and will be assessing you in those areas. Be ready with proactive solutions for how you will overcome the missing skills.

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