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Ask Human Resources about available trainings. You’ll be wearing a lot of different hats as a manager. Suddenly, you might be responsible for signing off on timesheets, hiring staff, and giving performance reviews.

Ask Human Resources if there are trainings you can take to learn the nuts and bolts.

Realize that you’ll learn more from experience than formal training.

The best way to learn to manage people is to roll up your sleeves and start working.

Read books on becoming a manager. There is also a mountain of literature on how to manage people. Reading books on the topic can help you understand the experiences of others and how you can craft a management style that works best for you.

Take management courses. Contact your local college or university to see what is offered. Common management courses cover topics such as organizational behavior, labor-management relations, and small business management. You can ask your supervisor whether the company will cover the costs associated with the courses.

Think of yourself as a leader. As a manager, you now have a new professional identity. Instead of being an individual contributor with a narrow focus, you must now realize that you are responsible for setting the group’s agenda. You are now a leader, not only a worker.

Find a mentor. A mentor can answer any questions you have. They also will increase your stature in the eyes of upper-level management. It shows maturity to get a mentor, and they can be a huge asset. •A mentor should be someone several steps up the ladder

Hire a business coach. Many executives hire coaches, but managers can get them, too. A coach is a trained professional who is focused on helping you develop your own authentic management style.

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