How Important Is It To Have A Career Mentor
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A career mentor can be anyone from a professional business coach to an experienced professional you happen to meet who is also in your career field. The following are five reasons why a career mentor may be right for you.

Build a Professional Network

A great way to secure a successful career future is by building a professional network. Professional networks often lead to higher paying jobs, a better understanding of career fields and insight into career-related issues. Unfortunately, building a professional network can be a little tricky, especially if you’ve recently relocated for a new job.

Avoid Mistakes

The first year on the job is often filled with mistakes. Rather than starting your career off on a low note, use the guidance of a mentor to avoid common newbie mistakes. From learning how to interact with coworkers to discovering what not to do while on the job, your mentor’s advice will help you to easily sidestep many entry level pitfalls.

Gain Confidence

Many entry level employees lack career confidence due to limited job experience. Gain confidence more quickly by learning as much as possible from a career mentor. With this increased confidence comes the chance for increased work performance, pay raises and more.

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