Giving employee feedback
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Giving employee feedback

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Giving employee feedback is considered by many managers to be one of the most difficult parts of their job, and many managers struggle with nearly every aspect of employee feedback, including when to give it, what types of activities warrant inclusion, how to deliver their message, and other specifics of the task. Because of this, some managers have a tendency to avoid employee feedback, which could be impacting both their team and their own personal growth in a negative way. Employee feedback does not have to be a stressful undertaking, however, and it should not be something that you feel you have to avoid. Below you will find some of the most important basic facts about employee feedback, as well as tips for delivering it well:

It can be very beneficial.

Simply put, employee feedback is a crucial component of career development. If you as a manager do not provide your employees with feedback as to how well they are doing their job, how will the employee recognize the areas in which they need to improve? And how will they know what they’re doing right? Whether your feedback involves praise or constructive criticism, it can be a huge source of motivation for your employee.

It should be well thought out.

Whether you’re providing positive or negative feedback, it’s important that you prepare well before speaking with your employee. If you do not give some thought beforehand to what you will say, you risk conveying your message badly, meaning you could offend your employee, fail to get your point across, or even embarrass yourself through poor word choice or delivery. Positive feedback is much easier to deliver than negative feedback because it’s likely to be well-received regardless of how it’s structured, but there are certain things to avoid when delivering negative feedback.

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