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Apply to on an internship. Unpaid or even paid internships are an excellent way for entry-level job seekers to gain concrete experience working in the field. Search through online job boards and company websites for internship opportunities. For example, some companies will hire a summer intern to take on general office duties such as filing, data entry, and answering phones. This can give you experience working in an office and will allow you to meet people in your field.

Get a part time job. Even if you can’t land a job in your desired field, take on a part time job. Employers will often put some weight onto any form of work experience, even your first part-time job. This early work experience could be leveraged to demonstrate that you have developed communication, customer service, and problem solving skills.

Relate your skills to your experiences. Although it is essential to know and understand all of the skills that you have developed over the years, it is even more important that you can relate those skills to past work or volunteer experience. This will demonstrate to a potential employer that you have actually put your skills into practice.

Explain how these skills are transferable to the job or industry. You have likely developed numerous skills through extra-curricular activities and the connection between these activities and your dream job, may not be obvious.

Create an effective resume. In order to help with your job search, you want to have a resume that clearly highlights your skills and relates them to your current job. You can actually organize the experience section of your resume into different skills. For example, you could list communication skills and then provide examples or when and how you have developed those skills through different work, intern, and volunteer positions.

Always tweak your resume and cover letter to fit the job you are applying for. This will demonstrate to a potential employer that you have taken the time to research and consider the posting.

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