How to implement a Sales strategy
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Regardless of time and effort spent creating a strong sales strategy, it’s the implementation of it that determines success.

There are five key steps when taking your sales strategy from paper to practice

  1. Keep the customer’s needs central to the strategy
    When implementing a sales strategy, “too often we focus on what we need to sell and not on what the customer wants to buy”. It is important to always be clear as to who your buyer is. This may be different to the user of the product or service, for example, “the buyers of baby powder are mothers, and the users are babies. Make sure you aim your sales at the buyers and not the users only”.
  2. Make your value proposition clear
    Buyers buy value, not products or services. They buy what the products or services can do for them. Make sure you understand what your customer is buying when buying from you.: “No one buys a vacuum cleaner to own a vacuum cleaner, they buy it because they want an effective way to clean their house.”
  3. Remain organised and determined in your approach to selling
    When you are implementing your sales strategy on a day to day basis, work with a diary and a list. Use reminders for people who have told you to call back at some point in the future. Persevere, no matter how much rejection you receive.: “It’s very hard, especially in the beginning. Some customers want to see you a few times before they buy. They want to know you are serious and will be around for a while.”
  4. Stay open to learning
    Maintain focus when implementing your sales strategy, but also ensure you know your competition better than they know you so that you stay a step ahead. Don’t be afraid to innovate, learn from your mistakes and try new approaches to selling until you find one that works for you.
  5. Include current clients in your strategy
    It’s always easier to sell to a current client than to a new one. Always view current clients as part of your sales strategy Reading feedback from your clients is a way of ensuring that you are on the right path as you implement your sales strategy.

Successfully implementing your sales strategy will not only grow your bottom line, but also presents an opportunity to learn more about your customers and through these interactions, discover innovative ways of selling more of your products or services.

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