Exports Strategy – Implementation
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You have to Decide where to sell

Research is vital! Identify the markets with a little desk research. Find the consumption / import figures of products similar to your own and the economic growth rate of a potential new market. Look up the demographics, cultural and religious practices and your potential competition.

Have a plan

Your export plan should include your people.

Your Capacity

Do you have enough capacity to meet a new market’s demands? Do you need to upscale?

Your Packaging

Will your packaging design appeal to your market? Is there a legal requirement to label things differently or do you need to translate your labelling?

Your Knowledge

Visit your potential new market. Showcase your products at trade fairs and build new contacts.

Choose the markets and the routes

  •  Sell directly
  • Use a distributor
  • Use a sales agent
  • Create a joint venture.

Ο τομέας εφαρμογής μας παρέχει μια σειρά λύσεων, βασισμένων στον προϋπολογισμό σας, για να εξασφαλίσετε βιώσιμη αλλαγή και συνεχόμενη βελτίωση στην επιχείρησή σας.

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