Cross-Selling and Upselling Implementation
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The companies that we spoke with that said they were successful at cross-selling and upselling had one key characteristic: they make it part of their culture. This means they consistently reinforce the importance of cross-selling and upselling through ongoing training, coaching and quality assessment feedback.

Additionally, they’re patient in working with who are reluctant to cross-sell or upsell to help them realize that they’re assisting customers rather than hard selling. Moreover, they work the soft skills, which are the most challenging to teach, to help them identify opportunities and to do it in a way that isn’t off-putting to customers.

Ο τομέας εφαρμογής μας παρέχει μια σειρά λύσεων, βασισμένων στον προϋπολογισμό σας, για να εξασφαλίσετε βιώσιμη αλλαγή και συνεχόμενη βελτίωση στην επιχείρησή σας.

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