Dress for an Interview as a Man
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  • Be formal (no matter what the regular dress code is at the job)

The only exceptions to this are if you are interviewing somewhere that they tell you specifically what to wear for your own safety (such as at a factory). For most interviews, a suit is the appropriate attire. A blue suit works the best and it gives you a lot of versatility in terms of shirt and tie choice. Light or dark gray are also good conservative choices. A three button suit will look good on almost anyone, while a 2 button will give a slightly taller/slimmer appearance.

  • Choose a solid white or blue shirt

You don’t want to look too flashy with a brightly colored shirt, and striped (and especially patterned) shirts are a little less formal. A straight collar is also more formal than a button down. Choose one with a medium spread. (If you have a particularly large neck, a wider collar may look better.)

  • Wear a tie in a dark, conservative color (never pink).

Stick to solids, rep (diagonal striped) or small patterned ties. A red tie will give the friendly politician look, while blue ties give a more serious FBI agent look. Both are acceptable.

  • Wear a belt or suspenders, but never both at the same time

It’s redundant. If you’re a suspenders kind of guy, get buttons sewed into your trousers and wear suspenders that button on, not the cheap clip-on kind. They will make you look cheap.

  • Show off your shoes

A pair of black oxfords or cap-toed oxfords is the best choice. Get ones that don’t have super thick soles so they won’t look like boots.

  • Wear solid, vertically ribbed socks in black or grey

Get socks that are long enough to cover your legs when you sit down in your suit.

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