Digital Marketing Strategy for Wedding Business
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Of course this requires a Website (which, in our opinion, isn’t a marketing tactic as much as it is a necessity of being in business), and you need to put the requisite time and resources into making your event Web site stand out.

But one of the most effective ways that event planners are driving visitors to their site is through programs like Google AdWords and Bing Advertising. You can easily bid on localized keywords and try this yourself to see if it works in your area.


Email Campaign

Event planners are using email in three different ways to attract new clients.

First, they are emailing current and former clients to stay top-of-mind in case they or their acquaintances need event planning services.

Second, they are building their own lists via their Web site (using incentives like free e-newsletters) as well as information they gather at trade shows and such, and they are periodically emailing these lists with useful event-related information.

Third, they are using email groups to connect with both prospects as well as referral partners, sharing their expertise and passing leads back and forth among community members.


In addition to a website, you should have a blog. You will post new content to your blog at least two times a week or more. By posting often, your blog is more likely to be picked up by the search engines. Your blog should have keywords, words brides would use when they are looking for you online. Fill your blog with useful information, wedding tips, trends, and advice, so a bride returns to your site frequently and gets to know, like and trust you. Your blog should link to your website and send people there who want to know more about your business.


Make videos and post them on video sites such as You can give advice on planning weddings, demonstrate how to put together different design elements, interview other wedding vendors, and promote your business. Depending what you decide to do, you may be able to make videos inexpensively with a webcam or a small handheld camcorder for digital video.

Social Media

Social media has become more and more popular in the wedding industry nowadays. In the past, brides had to clip images from magazines or get ideas from photos and show them to wedding vendors – vendors they find via word of mouth. Today, with help from social media networks and tools, a bride can get inspiration and share what she wants, and gets what she needs without having to deal with less hassle.

With the rise of Twitter, Facebook,  and others, wedding planning has changed – which is the major reason why social media is just as important for wedding vendors as they are for brides.


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