Building Your Brand – Tips
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Building Your Brand – Tips

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Building your brand is the first concern for any company with ambition. Actually doing it is quite another thing.

Most startups never manage to do it, and that’s why the majority of them last no longer than five years. You can find inspiration for branding from practically anywhere.

A Failure of an Initial Idea Doesn’t Have to Mean the End

Few entrepreneurs are going to hit upon the right idea on their first attempt. In fact, studies say that up to 20 % of startups pivot from their original business plan. It demonstrates that just because you fail with one idea doesn’t mean that you have to abandon all hope.

Naming of the Company

The name of your company is as important as what your company actually does. One of the big mistakes startups make is not checking whether their proposed brand name is valid. If it infringes upon someone else’s brand name, you will receive a cease and desist order in the mail, which can take you all the way back to the beginning.

  • Clear and Short: Make sure that your name is short and to the point. Anything that’s too long will be hard to remember and won’t resonate with customers. Also, Google your company name to ensure that your proposed name doesn’t have any negative references.
  • Is it Free?: Your company name must be free or you are going to find it difficult to compete on an original platform. Furthermore, if the name is trademarked it will land you in legal trouble.

Stop Trying Too Hard to Be Unique

It’s easy to go out of your way to be unique and stand out.

Everything you do must be strategic. For example, a logo has to show what your company is, what it does, and what it stands for. Every major company in the world has created an iconic brand because their logos incorporate these three things.

Simplicity is always the best path. Stop trying to be overly unique and you will stop wasting money on marketing.

Choose an Investor Who Will Support Your Company

A lot of startups just want to secure an investor who will give them a lot of money. But money can only take you so far.

When you are branding, you should focus on people who are going to support your branding efforts. An investor with direct branding experience will be worth far more than the money they are giving you.

Last Word: Branding Takes Time

Startups are determined to become a big brand in the shortest possible time.

How will you brand your company?

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