Better Ways Your Client To Respond To Your Email
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Better Ways Your Client To Respond To Your Email

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  • Create  shorter emails.

Sending long emails — even well-written, carefully worded ones — may actually decrease your chances of getting a response. There are two main reasons this might be the case: Either the recipient just doesn’t have the time or desire to read through a lengthy email, or else he or she feels a lack of the time needed to respond in a suitably in-depth manner.

  • Learn peak email-engagement times.

To get responses to your emails, first make sure your recipients actually see and open them. One way to increase the chances of this happening is to send your emails during peak email-engagement times.

According to research from GetResponse, this peak period is between 8 and 10 a.m., and 3 and 4 p.m. (local time). This is when most people tend to be at their desks, checking their inboxes — meaning that sending during this time will ensure your email is at the top of their inbox.

While this data applies specifically to group email campaigns, the findings are still relevant for personal emails. Knowing when people are most likely to check email will help you schedule yours to arrive at the perfect time.

  • Use (appropriate) humor.

When all else fails, it doesn’t hurt to try some good old-fashioned humor. A light-hearted comment or a humorous reminder that you’re waiting for a response may be the gentle nudge the person needs.

An example of how to use humor to elicit a response

You do have to be careful here, however. If you haven’t had previous contact with a person, humor can have the potential to backfire.

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