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Stay focused.

There are distractions everywhere. They can be small like phone notifications and emails, or large like new projects and last minute meetings. Sometimes it’s just a chatty coworker. Start by determining which distractions are the biggest offenders of breaking your focus. That can be as simple as keeping a notepad handy and making a checkmark every time you lose your focus. Once you’ve done that for a few days, start by writing down exactly what it was that derailed you. You’ll start to see a pattern emerge, and once you’re aware of it you’ll be able to change your habits.

Learn how to prioritize.

Just like distractions, your workload itself can be cause for losing focus. We’re often faced with a mountain of work that needs to get done, and it’s all important. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by that and feel like you’re drowning. The trick to conquering your workload is learning how to prioritize. You can do this by taking stock of all the work you need to get done, and all you need is either a spreadsheet or you can go old-school with a paper and pen. Categorize projects by deadline, then sort them. You can sort them by difficulty, time it will take to accomplish, or anything else that helps you get things under control. While it can be a daunting task at first, if you make it a daily or weekly habit, it will simply become routine. You’ll learn to focus on what’s most important, and in turn that ensures that you don’t drop the ball on any priorities.

Be respectful.

Respect goes a long way in the workplace. You need to respect yourself as well as respecting others. If you don’t respect yourself, you’ll project that lack of respect onto others. The best way to practice respect is by being tolerant of others. It’s easy to snap to a judgement and not give things a second thought, but it’s certainly not productive, nor does it make for a happy workplace. Conflict can start from a single snap judgement and causes unnecessary tension on a team. Respect that people will have differing opinions and make it a practice to start a discussion rather than an argument.

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