Are you a Bad Manager?
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  • Not being responsive to questions or requests. When an employee asks a question or makes a request, don’t ignore it until they have to ask again. Be responsive – yes, no, maybe, or let them know when you will have an answer for them.
  • Forgetting what you have asked them to do. Yes, we all forget now and then, I know I sure do. When you do, it tells your employee what you asked them to do may not really be that important.
  • Assigning the same task to different employees. This could happen due to forgetfulness, or it could be setting employees up intentionally to compete. Both are annoying.
  • Not setting an example (do as I say, not as I do). Leaders need to be role models, not hypocrites.
  • Taking special privileges. For example, flying first or business class and having your team fly coach. There is a great leadership tradition in the military – officers eat last. It’s a good standard for corporate managers to keep in mind.

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