Your First Day of Work
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  • Dress to Impress

You know what they say: “shoes complete an outfit.” On your first day however, you really need a sharp outfit and some sharp shoes to boot. This will be your first time interacting with the people you will spend the majority of your time with for the next (hopefully) long time, and you need to look great to make the best impression. That’s why the weekend before, go out and buy some stellar new threads. You’ll look confident, feel confident, and there’s no way anyone will mistake that you mean business.


  • Prepare Questions

You probably don’t know anything yet. Everyone knows you’re a rookie. So instead of fumbling through your first few days struggling to keep the dream alive that you’re a complete natural at everything, ask questions. Your boss wants to know they hired a teachable, hard worker who can be humble enough to admit they aren’t a pro and can pick up on new tasks fast. Show them you’re there to learn, not to show off. You’ll look better, be trusted more, and best of all, you don’t have to pretend you’ve got everything in the bag.


  • Initiate

This is especially important for anyone who identifies with being shy or introverted. Getting to know coworkers and letting them know you is crucial to liking your job and making a good impression. Go out to lunch when everyone else does. Follow their lead. Learn the culture, and adapt to it. Try and find similar interests, and most importantly, try and make friends. Working in a stressful, awkward, tense environment is about as bad as it can get.


  • Be Yourself

Despite being one of the most cliché and trite sayings out there, this statement has a lot of meaning for the workplace. It can be very easy to become someone you don’t want to be, or very difficult to maintain an identity that is simply not you to try and impress people, especially at work. Whether it’s for better or worse, show them your true colors. Honesty is key here, and people will appreciate that.


Have fun, and be smart. You only get one first day, don’t take a risk and just “wing it.” Plan out your first day, and make the most out of getting a new job. Who knows – you just might make the best impression they’ve ever seen.



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