What is B2B Model?
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What is B2B Model?

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B2B model is short for business-to-business sales and marketing. It refers to an activity where a business is selling its products or services  to another business. It is distinct from B2C or business-to-consumer sales, which mean sales to individuals rather than businesses.

The key features in B2B sales are the following:

  • Professional decision-making. B2B buyers are experts so a B2B sales person has to be an expert, too. In B2B sales you have to find the right arguments to convince your counterpart.
  • Larger average transactions than in B2C. Business-to-business transactions are often thousands of dollars and can reach millions or even billions.
  • More stakeholders. Especially in the case of bigger deals a business-to-business sales person has to convince not only one but many different stakeholders. Often these stakeholders even have contradicting priorities.
  • Longer time-to-purchase. On average business-to-business sales take longer to close.

Please follow the procedures of B2B model if you are a company B2B.

Don’t try to follow your own way. You ll loose time and money

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