Tips for wearing neckties
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Επιχειρηματικές Συμβουλές

  • You should first consider your shirt when determining the color and pattern of your tie — and then your suit. A crisp, white shirt and a dark navy or charcoal suit will always accentuate a brightly colored tie.
  • Pattern layering can work when the patterns on the shirt and the tie complement one another, and a patterned tie with a white or light-colored pastel, like blue or pink, works well also.
  • Choose your knot type according to your shirt. A widespread collar will look better with a large and triangular-shaped knot. This type of knot also looks better with an Italian silk tie.
  • A straight-point collar shirt will look better paired with a narrower knot and a longer extension. A tall and lean gentleman looks better with a small, longish knot. Men that are stockier and have a thicker neck should opt for the wider knot and more proportionate tie width.
  • A tie should end near the middle of the belt buckle. If you are a taller man, purchase a longer length tie to accommodate your height so that you appear proportioned.
  • This should be self-explanatory, but wearing a tie that is wrinkled or stained will make you appear unkempt, no matter how good the rest of the outfit looks.
  • Wash your ties by hand and dry them by hanging them over a chair or clothesline. You can iron a tie lightly with a cool iron or a steamer if it is wrinkled. Also, store your neckties properly on a tie rack to avoid unnecessary wrinkling.

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