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  • Providing your prospect with too many different options makes it harder for them to make a decision – which increases the odds they’ll walk away without buying anything at all. If your company sells a large range of products, there are a few ways you can prevent decision paralysis from blocking your next sale. For example, research your prospects ahead of time so you know which products you should pitch to them and chunk products into categories to simplify your offering. Rather than pitching every single product you sell to every prospect, learn what you can about their needs before you call or email them. Once you’ve made contact, ask qualifying questions to build on this knowledge and narrow down the type of product they’re likely interested in. Then, only pitch solutions that match their needs. Better yet, package select products together so your prospect understands what solutions work well together. This allows them to make one large purchasing decision, rather than multiple smaller purchases.
  • Even hesitant buyers have a hard time saying no to a great opportunity – especially if they’re thinking about what they’ll lose by turning it down. You can tap into this by framing your offer as something they’ll miss out on if they don’t make a purchase, rather than just highlighting the added value.

When possible, tailor your pitch to describe a missed opportunity relating to each prospect’s particular situation. What is their life or business currently lacking without this solution? Why will they regret not buying? If they turn down your offer, in what ways will their competitors have a leg up on them?



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